Wednesday, September 22, 2010

another cool one

I think this one is pretty cool as well, kind of reminds me of Wolverines claws.  I'm going to give a little bit of credit to fooplot, a free graphing program online that lets me make these beautiful functions, though most of the cool parts of my graphs are a result of 'breaking' the graphing program, by having the harmonic motion of the plotted points moving faster than the machine can plot accurately. So thank you fooplots for not being a godly supercomputer that no amount of exponential growth can break.


  1. Looks like a number of X's sketched on a sphere, interesting as always!

  2. @blunka
    Thanks, I have more coming up in a couple more days, and they're gonna be even cooler than this one.

  3. looks like something from ze franks page

  4. I wish i had a calculator.
    Also never click the handicap for the verification, i swear its demons